David Harper Games Programmer



Listed below is my portfolio of projects with brief descriptions and links to find the code. This is followed  by links to download the games. You can also see projects that are in progress at the bottom of the page. 


The mystery of hibernia

The mystery of Hibernia is a project that was one of my last projects in my degree, it is an underwater adventure game made in unreal. I worked on the project with another programmer and 4 artists. We decided on an underwater adventure because it allows us to explore great game-play mechanics that we haven't used before, along with skill trees and much more that have been previously un-achievable on smaller projects due to the much smaller time scales.

Software: Unreal Engine 4 ,  Visual Studio 2017

  Language: C++ 

My Contributions: All player movement, Level design and functionality, all menu and settings programming and design, the player levelling system,  Implementation of upgrades from the skill tree.

 Time scale: 8 weeks

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Sheep Dog Trials

Sheep dog Trials is a project made in my third year of university with another programmer, Alex Limbrick. It was made as a demonstration of our AI, we chose to make sheep that flock and react to a dog herding them as we thought it would be a fun challenge with some great game elements that could be added.

Software: Unity Engine ,  Visual Studio 2017

Language: C#

My contributions: Programming for all player movement and controls, menus, settings and level functionality. Debugging and balancing of the AI. Level and menu design.

Time scale: 4 weeks


Depot Defence

Depot Defence is a project that I made in my second year of university on an engine made by my lecturer (Handmade lite engine - Karsten Vermuelen) with the idea of being introduced to an engine and develop C++ skills. I decided to make a tower defence game because I saw it as a good challenge for me, I also love tower defence games!

Software: Handmade Lite Engine,  Visual Studio 2017

 Language: C++

My Contributions: This was a solo project and so I did everything apart from the art and what was included in the engine.  The key things were programming for game-play, menus and AI. As well as the design for the whole game.

 Time scale: 4 weeks 


Circus School

Circus School is a project that I made in my second year of university to learn and use STL techniques and further develop my C++ skills from my first year in a text adventure. I chose to make my little text adventure about a fresh talent working their way through a circus school with a difference. In this school you learn your trade through combat!

Software: Visual Studio 2017

  Language: C++ 

My Contributions: This was a solo project and so I did everything.

 Time scale: 4 weeks 



Work in progress


Pestilence - Brains Eden 2019

 Pestilence is a project that was built for Brains Eden 2019, with the theme of chain reaction.  The game is about  zombie outbreak in Victorian London, where the player must find all of the items to make gunpowder and escape without getting infected. With simple AI, effective mini-games and lovely art we as a team are happy with our effort for Brains Eden 2019. Currently Pestilence is undergoing a polish after the rushed finish at Brains Eden.

Software: Unity Engine, Visual Studio 2017 

Language: C#

My Contributions: all player movement and controls, all UI and settings programming, all level functionality, design and programming of maze-like mini-game.

Time scale: 48 hours